Using Recruitment Agencies As Opposed To Newspaper Advertising

Why is it better to use a professional medical recruitment agency when looking to fill roles, as opposed to traditional methods, such as posting a position in a newspaper?

Quite a mouthful, right? Such an upfront question about recruitment can give one the feeling that they're writing a dissertation for a doctoral degree. So to rephrase, why should health institutions hire medical personnel using employment agencies? Well, the answer is simple, it's a lot simpler than going through the hassle of posting vacancy notices on your own. But however obvious, there is a lot more to medical recruitment than what meets the eye.

Extra information about clinical research recruitment agencies

Being At The Right Place At The Right Time

Newspapers still have their traditional appeal. In fact, just a month ago I was going through the classifieds and it was a bit of a relief to see that companies still post positions in the newspaper.

In a digital age where things like stamped mail are a foregone conclusion, you can't really blame people for not confronting companies directly. Besides the occasional employment agency around the corner, more and more people are resorting to online clinical research recruitment agencies for work openings than ever before. The true benefit of the 'middleman' -if you can call him that- is that he is conveniently placed to contact potential candidates via online notification systems.

Avoid Unnecessary Costs

Running adverts in the paper is costly, especially so because you may be forced to run a particular Ad everyday until you find the right person(s). On top of that, even if you had to throw fliers around, there is the obvious cost of flier distributors. That's not to say employment agencies are free. But what often happens in practice is that the job seeker is charged for the placement opportunities, whilst the employer is aided in his pursuit of suitably qualified personnel at a nominal cost.

Streamline Operations

It's still customary for companies, organisations and government departments to have a human resources department, and there's sense in it too. The human resources department is crucial when it comes to the hiring of employees and their subsequent monitoring throughout the employment relationship. However, when your operation is small, there's no need for an entire department dedicated to the recruitment of the occasional new staff member. In that case, the services of an employment recruitment agency are invaluable in that they allow you breathing room financially and allow you to award competitive remunerations to new staff.