• 100 Years of Transformation

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    PUBLISHED: July 16, 2013 12:31 pm

    100 Years Images

    This photo from July 29, 1908 shows workers digging New York’s Delancy Street. This historic snap hitting the web for the first time shows late 19th century and early 20th century New York.


    Painters hanging on the Brooklyn Bridge on October 7, 1914. 31 years after its inauguration. The painters were hanging from suspended wires.


    The June 5, 1908 snap shows the Manhattan Bridge as nothing but a shell that’s visible from the Washington Street. It wasn’t inaugurated for 18 more months and it didn’t see completion until the next 4 years.


    The photo taken in 1937 from Campbell apartment shows New York’s Grand Central Terminal’s prime course. This apartment in all its grandeur was the prime working ground of John Campbell, the famed financier in the 1920′s.


    With an aim to make the city records accessible to the citizens, this project went into four years of processing according to Kenneth Cobb. The images were taken mainly by the municipal workers. The dead bodies of Robert Green (left), the elevator operator and Jacob Jagendorf (right) an engineer, found at the elevator shaft bottom on November 24, 1915. Their bodies stand testimony to their robbery attempt that failed.


    This photo is of Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano taken on April 18, 1936. Luciano is the founder of New York’s organized crime regime and the very first gangster to create a sectional division of the city into five gangs or mob families.


    This photo was taken in 1918 by a detective after the body of Gaspare Candella was found by children in a drum in one of Brooklyn’s fields in New York.


    Featuring the largest collection of evidence for criminal justice, the images in this gallery form a repository of the glass plate photos by the Police Department of New York. This collection also has images of city buildings erected in mid 1980s. The image shows, a summer of 1940 when the New Yorkers relax in Astoria public pool and the Hell Gate rail bridge forms the background.


    Snaps of Works Progress Administration, Federal Writer’s Project in September 30, 1936 by the Municipal Archives of New York City. The image in center shows Babe Ruth, the baseball legend receiving a program. In the center left image he is seen with Clare, his second wife and Kate Smith, the singer. In the front left, the image shows grandstand at the Game One of World Series at New York’s Polo Grounds in 1936.


    The May 18, 1940 image reads ‘Nazi Army Now 75 Miles From Paris.’ This formed the headlines. The 6th Avenue corner and Manhattan’s 40th Street are focal points in this photo.


    A man taking a sneak peek from George Washington Bridge into Manhattan across Hudson River on December 22, 1936.


    Eugene de Salignac, was one of the prominent contributors and from 1906-34, he was officially the photographer of the Department of Bridges/Plant Structures. Taken on October 7, 1914, this Salignac snap shows 6 or more painters hanging from Brooklyn Bridge by wires. According to Michael Lorenzini of New York Rises, Salignac works reflected a wider and a distinct facet of work. The New York Tribune’s November 25, 1915 crime scene photo tells the story of a failed theft in a Manhattan building.


    During the 1935 Great Depression, a jobless man is found on a New York City docks pier wearing a shabby coat.


    The Triborough Bridge connecting the Queens with the Bronx was incomplete in 1936. At a distance the Hells Gate Railroad Bridge can be seen.


    Men and women strolling jewelry shops at the Lower East Side and standing for bread during the era of Great Depression.

    15 16

    A pairs girls walking along the 42nd Street. This 1890 photo has also captured the delivery wagons of Acker, Merrall and Condit wine shops on the right including the visibility of the C.C. Shayne Furrier sign on overhead roof.


    This October 2, 1930 snap shows workers paving the 28th Street in Manhattan and laying the bricks.


    This 1983-1988 photo by the municipal archives of the New York City features 172 Norfolk Street, now popular as the Angel Orensanz Foundation.


    Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

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