• 1940′s Teenagers

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    PUBLISHED: May 30, 2013 3:03 pm

    Teenagers were always there, teenagers are here and they will be obviously in the future. As days and years passed by, the teenagers and their attitude as well as activities kept on changing with time. Maybe this is the time of Justin Bieber, the heart throb being a teenager, but at the very beginning of the teenage culture in America in the 1940’s, everything was not the same as today. The carefully carefree teens of then used to sip milkshakes, listened to long playing records and chose movie halls as their first dating destination. Photographer Nina Leen, captured a number of daily life pictures of those respected teenagers of 1940’s.

    1The picture shows a bunch of industrious teenagers who are trying their heart and soul to push their broken down model T on the ground. This picture was printed in 1944’s Life magazine.

    2A teenage girl is disclosing her charm while flirting with a fellow teenage boy in the picture. we can also be almost sure that the flirting was healthy as both the boy and girl were sipping milkshake while flirting with each other.

    3The teenage girls featured in the picture would be between 83 and 85 years, only if they are alive today. The group of girls could have listened to Bing Crosby’s songs, the popular pop star of 1940’s. A boy in his preadulthood, puts his arm around his date while going to a movie. The year 1944 is memorable for the movie releases in this year. The movie called “Casablanca” won an Oscar in 1944. The girl emerges as the essence of teenage culture of America at the period of post-Depression.

    4The teenage girls dining together in this picture are joyously having fruit, cake and milk.

    5 6
    The two girls are attentively listening to a record, while two boys are busy as they are going through a magazine. the adolescent couple become more romantic during their take in a movie.

    7It was the very time when the teenagers started their own style statement to distinguish their generation. Almost 6,000,000 U.S. teen-age girls, being almost untouched by the ill effects of world war, were happy with their moves wearing sweaters and skirts and bobby socks and loafers, eye-glass rims and nails painted with red nail polish. This colorful society was full of energy, love, fun and bliss. The girls started marking their presence with shoulder-length hair, mixed with their own style and attitude. This picture was taken at Webster Groves, Missouri, where a few girls were found having fun together in same kind of dresses. These girls would have turned between 83 and 85 years old, if they are alive today.

    8The girl cycling with absolute joy, looks like she does not care what the whole world is up to or what is going on around. She looks like a free bird indeed.

    9The girls projected in the picture marks the presence of their generation between childhood and adulthood, at the period of 1940’s.

    Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

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    1. swabby429 says:

      They came of age just a few years before I was born. I remember the last remnants of that age through my youngest uncles and aunts. One of my aunts still wears her hair in the style of the 1940s, it doesn’t look “dated” on her either.

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