• Cultural Clashes Affecting Economy

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    PUBLISHED: July 20, 2013 10:24 am

    Turkey Caught in Fierce Debates

    Drunken Britons in a clash with the angry Muslims. The Med resort forming the backdrop of a roaring cultural war. Few British teens staggering down central Marmaris’ Bar Street wrote the ending of another crazy day at the Turkish resort. A local gang in an attempt to make a headway landed in a fight as the narrow cobbled street wouldn’t allow everyone to fit in.


    An injured British tourist in Marmaris got hit by a bottle in the head. Within seconds of this accident, local police took charge and broke the confrontation. This happened at 3.30am when the Marmaris bars stop the loud music, dim the lights and throw out countless intoxicated youths at the streets. These occurrences in Turkey’s booze capital are common.


    Activities of the British  vacationers offend the local crowd.


    The scantily dressed Brits brought out a major cultural outrage and reflected a strikingly contrasting scenario for the decently dressed local Turkish women. This was almost a taboo for the parents of young kids in the area. And stepping on puke and broken glass added to the discomfort. Among the Mediterranean countries, Turkey is the one where package touring is a trend despite the Muslim predominance. The locals believe that compared to the Russians, the Scandanavians, the Dutch and other groups, the Brits are the worst.


    The calm and coy village has become the backdrop of cultural clash emerging out of the roaring indiscipline by the British tourists on cheap summer holiday packages. Some Brits feel that if the locals are uncomfortable with their drinking by the mosques, they shouldn’t promote tourism in Turkey. The rioting times approached as a 17 year Middlesborough vacationer was injured by a local gang, on kissing a local girl. Days later in another 27 year old citizen of London was hit on the head as he knocked down a localite’s drink.


    Another case was that of 22 year old waiter Murat Can Ertani who eloped with the 16 year old Faye Jones. They were recovered later and governments of both the nations gave their own interpretations to prove their individual citizens to be innocent. The interpretations of the Turkish government clearly reveals a local conception that the tourism market has sabotaged their cultural legacy.


    The summer population expanding greatly has tourists staying in resorts and spending time by the swimming pools, get drunk in the evenings and party till midnight. Getting cheaper tequila shots and vodka mixes is a greater attraction. The outcomes, horrid though are bleakly predictable and Turkey, despite being a tolerant nation is gradually losing its calm. Extra police officers are transferred to Marmaris to maintain law and order. Stories of Turkish youths robbing Brits and harassing British women are increasing.


    The drunk and lousy Brits disturb the locals and attract thieves. Another youth claims that the tequila shots might be drugged.  Sometimes, the Brits get invited for free drinks but are later asked to pay and get beaten up for not paying. Locals on the contrary claimed that it was just sometime back when a cab driver was found dead only because he asked the Briton to pay the taxi fare.


    The usually tolerant locals are losing their nerves. In a clash between a hotelier and a family on tour occurred over the unavailability of a waterslide along the pool. The hotel had advertised about the waterslide but it didn’t exist. These incidents in Marmaris are maligning Turkey’s image as a tolerant Muslim country. This has also created a serious debate on the role of religion. 60 cities saw major protests against, the PM, Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s plans of a new central Istambul mosque. Recently, liquor selling at tourist zones has been banned post 10pm at night. Now this plan to build mosque implies at ruining the country’s secular image. All this has struck a fiery debate between the religious conservatives and the liberals since the tourism trade supports the country’s economy with £600 million annually.


    Recent incidents have added fuel to the debates on the religion’s role in the societal structure. The spiritual gurus however, seek tolerance from the locals to the unruly behaviors of the visitors. They don’t intend to mix religion with culture and want to allow freedom of behavior. They believe they are no match for God when it comes to judging the tourist behaviors.

    Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

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    1. swabby429 says:

      When in Rome or Marmaris…? It looks like manners and the art of being a respectful guest have been forgotten. I cringe when reading about crass misbehavior anywhere, but when it spills over, into another country, I marvel at the lack of social awareness and how it can cause much larger problems.

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