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    PUBLISHED: March 24, 2014 9:49 am

    Earn money on internet

    You want to earn money while you surf ? Fill their pockets with your computer seems flattering, but it is a reality . The computer has enabled many people to become rich and he continues to make people happy . How to go to get to earn a living using only your computer, sitting quietly at home ? It’s funny, and you all this is an illusion.
     The procedure is simple and easy to apply . The hardest part is to choose a reliable platform to express themselves and then choose the method that you saw sawed always be among the happiest users . There is a lot of opportunity to earn money on the internet , you must first master his subject , that is to say have a good knowledge of the area in which you want to invest. The user chooses the method where it feels most comfortable and understands better or it seems the best .

    The binary option , a certain method to make the penny

    On this site you will find free methods it takes to get easy money . The binary option is one of the most used methods is a way to get money rationally money. The binary option trading highlights which is to earn huge sums without taking too many risks. This method is to include one or more values ​​on the market and which will build on this in the next minute or hour. It is a way to speculate on the movement of financial assets in the market.

    The binary option is it safe ?

    To avoid being deceived , it is important to be careful of operators who do not have authorization for this activity online trading . The binary options trading is highly speculative. This speculation on the stock market can actually win money but it is the basis of fat loss. Be especially aware of the risks.
    One option is called binary because there are two issues can at maturity. Or the holder receives the amount he has fixed in advance in this case, ” said he finished in the money ” , or he loses and receives no sum ​​is said to be ” off ” coin ”

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    How to earn by trading ?

    Trading is to give its point of view on the change of the market for a particular asset (currency , raw material , action, etc. ) . The principle is simple: the investor buys such shares and plans to sell if the price rises or falls to a certain level X or Y. For this, we must think in successful trader. We must analyze the probabilities of course before taking a position or not. It is not so simple to estimate a probability , there are more effective analysis strategies according to the market on which it intends to invest .
    These strategies help to understand the market configurations that work better . To become a successful trader , there are technical documents analysis on which to build in order to achieve a bargain .

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