• Effects of Growing Rape-ism in India

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    PUBLISHED: July 20, 2013 8:46 pm

    Rapists Having a Free Hand in Foiling India’s Image

    Recently a cartoon pictorial depiction in a popular social networking site depicted that the moment a female fetus comes to the mother’s womb, the world turns unsafe for her. Present day India is a living representation of the excruciating prevalence of the cultural ‘ism’ of rape. The worst part being, lack of any rigorous punishment for the rapists, while girls’ lives are made as good as a punishment if they survive the violence.

    A landmark case is the Nirbhaya Rape Case in Delhi 2012. This was one of the most inhuman treatment men can put a woman through, not only robbing her of dignity, but damaging her physically to the extent where she didn’t survive the onslaught.


    Image Source : http://www.telegraph.co.uk

    This was one case the united the nation in a common thread of anguish, grievance and hatred and all for what? Mere death sentences for the five adult convicts and the under aged convict (reported to be the most brutal of the defendants) tried at a juvenile court received a three years sentence at a correctional facility. This was the ultimate mockery of the girl’s painful death for no fault of her’s. This is India, where a girl’s life or death has no value, but a criminal’s life is valued because he is a juvenile.

    Unfortunately, in India, people forget things at the blink of an eye and so was the fate of the Nirbhaya case. It’s already buried in the dust of time. In fact, picking up the daily newspaper, even after 7 months of that incident, one sees innumerable stories of rape coming up from various states of India.


    Image Source: http://www.cbc.ca

    Another negative effect that rape-ism has on Indian economy is a process of reduction in earnings from tourism, since more tourism are finding it risky to come to India for vacations. Indian tourism saw a drastic cut in the number of women tourists coming to India. Female tourists’ visits to India went down grossly by 35%. The growing frequency of attacks on women includes foreign tourists as well. The recent Delhi gang rape on December 16, 2012, has triggered added anxiety among women in general, be it a native or a tourist.

    This leads one to ask, what can be done to combat this kind of situation. Some might suggest, making India a sex free country, but that is definitely no solution. The real problem must be addressed from the root of the family systems and values in India. In majority Indian families, men are taught to treat women like inferiors. In average Indian family, a boy child is always given more priority than a girl child, be it for simple food, dress, or big decisions like marriage or education. Men in the family are taught from the beginning that women deserve no respect and for most men, raping a woman is a way of punishing her for trying to be modern, outspoken or be a woman of substance. This outlook needs to be changed from head to toe.

    Additionally, in most cases the local cops wouldn’t even take a complaint or would harass the girl and her family further. One instance being the detention of some young girls protesting against the Nirbhaya case. They were in fact detained till evening and were released after it got dark and this was against the law. In India another problem is women’s ignorance about their rights. The most important thing that needs to be changed is the attitude of Indians towards such issues.
    Majority Indians tend to overlook such situations taking place in their localities. Instead, they choose to walk away thinking protesting might get them to suffer.


    Image Source: http://newindianexpress.com/

    Such incidences are increasing since no one comes ahead for women, not even women. In most families such incidences are kept under the drapes and this has added to the courage of the rapists who know that they will get away with their crimes. Lastly, women need to take a united stand against this issue, instead of expecting protection from men.

    But these are piled up mistakes for decades that have gone by, changing these, might not be easy. And where India is concerned, if a juvenile gets away with a mere sentence to correctional facility for being party to raping and murdering a girl, then there’s very little to expect in terms of changes and improvements in conditions of women. JJB’s judgement for the juvenile defendant is reserved till¬†July 25, 2013.

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      I’m a caring dude and that is sooo wrong i would kill all of them if i had the names and adresses i hate guys that are making our name go bad I have a women and treat her like god him self

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