• Florida Tree House

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    PUBLISHED: May 27, 2013 2:27 pm

    Realizing the Dream Home

    Childhood dreams are always special and they become more special when the dreams come true. The same happened to Lynn Tran and Richard Hazen, a couple who always dreamt about their own tree house on sea beach. They gave real shape to their childhood dream but unfortunately, the picturesque dream is facing a peril in the form of a legal summon. Lynn Tran and Richard Hazen turned their dream into reality without any professional help, but with their own creative ideas and industrious attitude.

    The duo runs a guest house called “Angelino’s Sea Lodge” and offer the customers to pay a visit to their own residing corner. The couple spent $20,000 to make this beautiful tree house. Situated on Anna Maria island in Florida, the tree house certainly became the center point of attraction as well as curiosity to others. But now the permit officials ordered the couple to tear the tree house down and pay fines of $5000 in per day basis. Its looking like the dream has been shattered and nightmare has taken the place in order to get them out of their sleep.

    The fate of this picturesque two story tree house is clinging between “to be” or “not to be”. Richard and Lynn built the tree house within the branches of a huge Australian Pine tree. The couple conveys that they went to seek permission from the officials at the City of Holmes Beach, but the officials assured them that no permission or official documentation is needed to build their proposed tree house, all they need to make sure nobody falls from it.

    It has been fourteen years that the couple planned to build the tree house. When they were about to make it, the officials never asked them for any plan, drawing or sketch of the house, nor they provided any guideline. Presently, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection has announced that the couple should have asked for permission before building the tree house.

    The Code Enforcement Officer David Forbes has conveyed that ‘To be frankly blunt, if you did not receive a written response to a detailed submittal then no approval can be inferred from a casual conversation.’

    The couple are ordered to demolish their $20,000 worth tree house, for which they were needed to obtain the FDEP permit. They are not sure to get that even if they apply for it now. It has been stated by the officials that the tree house has violated a few building codes like coastal zoning and structural standards.

    The coastal area is also alarming as there is always a chance of being hit by hurricanes frequently. Lynn Tran recently stated that it is devastating to her as the whole thing is very complicated to them.

    Her husband Richard has applied for the FDEP permit and pleaded to reconsider the decision about the tree house as it is not a three story building but a childhood dream in the form of a work of art.

    Since the first day, the tree house along with the couple is facing aggravation. In order to keep their tree house in place the couple has engaged an attorney to fight the officials legally and also started online petition which has collected thousands of signatures already in their support.

    Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

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    1. chr1 says:

      I have relatives there and we’ve visited a few times. Great place, don’t know about the permits…

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