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    PUBLISHED: August 20, 2013 8:59 pm

    Who is the Right Realtor for You

    Whether you want to buy or sell a property, it is tough to make all arrangements and proceed with the transactions all by yourself. Having a realtor or a property agent is a great option, since they take care of all your property related needs. If you are looking for a home or a plot, they help you find one and if you are searching for someone to buy your home or take it on lease, they arrange for a buyer or a tenant.

    They definitely make a lot of money in the process but this definitely doesn’t come for free. They have to work a lot to create their reputation as a trusted realtor or real estate agent. They must have complete knowledge about a number of properties including the property laws and the banking specifications since the entire transaction is to take place through them.

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    Your property agent can help you take the right decision and invest on the best properties in an area. You will need an agent essentially, if you are investing in commercial projects. A professional agent can additionally educate you about the benefits of buying certain properties and can update you about the nearby facilities that your clients will benefit from once the property is fully developed put in the market.

    Before hiring a property agent you must know about certain things. There are two types of agents. It is always better to go for thorough professionals rather than hire a simple salesperson, most of whom are newbies and have little knowledge of property prices and brokerage works. If your broker isn’t serving you properly with full details then its time you might consider changing your agent. A salesperson acting as a property agent might not guarantee complete knowledge about the property you buy or they might get you a tenant who creates more trouble for you than benefiting you.


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    They are just bothered about their commission, so what if you got the wrong property or a jerk as your tenant. Additionally, if your salesperson/agent gets you a disputed property by hiding its drawbacks, then nothing can be worse than that. A professional real estate agent will close the deal only when its a dispute free property and when you are fully informed about the possible problems with the property. If you are a nascent home buyer, don’t treat a property agent as an added and unwanted expense.

    Your real estate agent can save you from being cheated by a fraudulent property seller or buyer. If you are the seller then your agent will do a thorough background check of buyers who quote various prices. On the other hand if you are the home buyer then your agent does a complete profile check of the seller and do a detailed study of the conditions of the property. In short, they give you the detailed inside story.


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    Additionally, the agent can guide you to a prudent decision instead of running into some hasty decision in the influence of the other person trying to buy or sell a property to you. Professional agents make it a point to give you the right advice for your benefit. With an agent your scope of choices for properties and buyers will expand grossly. For a property buyer, the agents can give a detailed information about a particular area where they aim to buy a home.

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