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    PUBLISHED: May 28, 2013 4:37 pm

    A Splash of Indian Lifestyle

    An Indian Muslim devotee, who is on a pilgrimage to the shrine of Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti for Urs, performs a stunt during a procession at Ajmer in the desert Indian state of Rajasthan May 11, 2013. Urs is an annual festival which is held for over six days at Ajmer, commemorating the death anniversary of Sufi saint Chishti.

    2An elephant splashing water on his mahout. This is during the usual tourism season when they take tourists for rides 50 kms from Guwahati, to the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary.

    3Indian school children with their faces painted take part in the “Save Tiger Campaign” organised by the environmental magazine ‘Sanctuary Asia’ and conservation program ‘Kids for Tigers’ in Bangalore.

    4Hindu Sadhu’s adopted child posing in a headstand along the Sangam banks in Allahabad.

    5Workers transported during lunch at a commercial and residential area construction zone at the outskirts of Ahmedabad.

    6A Hindu devotee in Jalandhar, fell on burning coal as she held her daughter while running on coal at the Maa Maariamma Mela.

    Indian activists from PETA holding placatds and posing in green body paint at a Hyderabad demonstration.

    83939 women students sign to claim for the largest female population on the campus of the Gwalior ITM university.

    9A Hindu devotee in a monkey’s attire participates in a procession on April 25, 2013 for Hanuman Jayanti in Delhi, outside the Hanuman temple. Hanuman is a Hindu God worshipped for his strength and devotion to Lord Rama.

    10A worker manages to grab some publicity in Mumbai from a Bollywood movie.

    11A labourer walking by the roadside near a wholesale vegetable market with tomatoes old parts of Delhi on May 14, 2013. Indian inflation slowed down to 4.89% in April. The central bank found this suitably persistent in monetary easing for revival of a flagging economy. REUTERS/Anindito Mukherjee

    An Indian seller with bunches of alive frogs for sale in a Dimapur market on April 3, 2013. Frogs, being a delicacy for the tribal Nagas are found in Nagaland especially between April and October. Part of the tribal population, earn their livelihood by selling frogs.

    13The visitors in Khapoli, posing with an employee of the ‘Adlabs Imagica’ theme park, dressed as a dinosaur on April 20, 2013. An 80-acre theme park, Adlabs Imagica, with a construction cost of$294 million is available to people from April 18, 2013.The park has 21 attractions, film shows and live acts.
    REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui

    14Hindus dressed Lord Hanuman pose at a religious procession in the premises of Amritsar’s Durgiana temple on October 24, 2012 during Dussehra, symbolizes the victory of good on bad. Dussehra is celebrated by the end of nine nights or Navratri. On Dussehra night, fire-crackers stuffed into Ravana images are set ablaze in open grounds.

    15Participants in Palamedu, on January 15, 2013, trying to hold back a bull in the traditional
    festival ‘Jallikattu’ near Madurai, 500km to south Chennai. Jallikattu played in Tamil Nadu is a part of the Pongal festival.

    16Children in Mahatma Gandhi attires arrive on to participate in Kolkata’s peace march. 485 kids from the Training Resource and Care for Kids participated in the march on Sunday for creating a Guinness World Record for the greatest number of people in Gandhijis attire. REUTERS/Rupak De Chowdhuri

    17A Sufi Kalandar in Ajmer involved in self torture act at the death anniversary of saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti. Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti or Gharib Nawaz (‘Benefactor of the Poor’), established the Chisti order in India. AFP PHOTO

    18A boy waiting backstage to perform in the annual harvest fest of Onam at Kochi. This festival celebrated for 10 days in Kerala commemorates the reunion of the great King Mahabali with his subjects. REUTERS/Sivaram V

    19At Frankfurt an Indian dancer performing at a press presentation of the show named “India”. Produced at 7 million euros, the show had 75 dancers, artists and musicians taken to Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Vienna and Brussels. AFP PHOTO/ THOMAS LOHNES

    20An Indian kid playing on the street after monsoon splash in New Delhi. Playing a key role in Indian economy, was welcomed across the country but amounted to a 23% below average according to official reports. AFP PHOTO/SAJJAD HUSSAIN

    21Boys on a motorbike ride back home after they had a bath at the Chachura village canal, in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. REUTERS/Parivartan Sharma

    22Jumping in the Arabian sea at high tide, this Indian youngster featured the Gateway of India in Mumbai. AFP PHOTO/ Sajjad HUSSAIN

    23A woman in the roads of Kaudihar town in Uttar Pradesh, putting mustard oil in the ear of a two-year old girl suffering from Protein-Energy Malnutrition or Mithua. REUTERS/Jitendra Prakash

    24A street audience in Mumbai, waving at “Cyril”, the American-Japanese illusionist during his stunt in which he seems to be suspended from a street lamp post. This stunt was a promotional road show for Cyril’s new TV program. REUTERS/Vivek Prakash

    25Indian performers decked up as Avathar in the 11 day festival of ‘Bonalu’ for the Goddess MahaKali at Hyderabad’s Sri Akkanna Madanna Mahankali Temple. Women worship the goddess during this festival by dancing and giving food. AFP PHOTO / Noah SEELAM

    26Boys in a fishing harbour enjoy a dive into the sea on a hot day in Chennai. On Friday, Chennai’s temperatures were 38 degrees Celsius, according to the website of India’s metrological department website.  REUTERS/Babu

    27Hindu devotees in India forming a human pyramid on Janmashtami jubilations to break the dahi-handi in the air. The event of Janmashtami marks the birth of Lord Krishna. The boys breaking the dahi handi get a prize money for the human pyramid that should be tall enough to reach the curd pot tied high up.  AFP PHOTO/Punit PARANJPE

    28A villager balancing his bike in a boat while crossing the Bhitarkanika river at the Gupti village in Orissa. BRICS group’s plan of a joint development bank will face a lot of struggle to elevate its expertise to the World Bank’s level according Robert Zoellick, the President of the World Bank. REUTERS/Parivartan Sharma

    29Hindu priest in Ahmedabad, sitting in a cauldron of water and praying to the fire god during the “Parjanya Varun Yagam”, which is a special prayer to bring rain. According to Hindus this prayer is done to appease the Varuna, the rain God. REUTERS/Amit Dave

    31A man in India participating in the 71st Rural Olympics Games 2006 in the Kila Raipur village in Punjab. The games combine sports and cultural events. The games include bullock cart race, kabaddi, loading-unloading of tractor and wrestling, while cultural events feature musical and drama shows.

    32Men in Mumbai attempting to repair a water submerged taxi. Mumbai is India’s financial capital as well as the entertainment hub and during the monsoons the city got an overnight burst of rainfall that flooded few streets and homes.

    An kid in India carrying carries the Mahisasura’s head after the immersion of Durga idol in the Mahananda river on Vijaya Dashami or Dusshera. The goddess Durga killed the Mahisasura in Hindu mythology. AFP PHOTO/Diptendu DUTTA

    34Indian commuters in Hyderabad riding through a heavy Monsoon downpour. A prime factor in the global commodities markets, Monsoons improve crop growth in India that can help provide relief to the third largest economy in Asia, battling with extreme food prices. AFP PHOTO/Noah SEELAM

    35Laborers removing tangled kites tangled to after the kite flying season in Ahmedabad. REUTERS/Amit Dave

    36Indians sitting by the sea as dark clouds linger on Mumbai’s skyline. Indian agriculture benefits and gets 60% of its water and nourishment from the rains and a less rainfall means financial downturn for 235 million Indian farmers. AFP PHOTO/ Punit PARANJPE

    Corruption activist (IAC) wearing PM, Manmohan Singh’s portrait (wearing blue turban) and BJP president Nitin Gadkari’s portait on his butt and his feet at a New Delhi based protest. AFP PHOTO/SAJJAD HUSSAIN

    38At policeman helping a fellow policeman to climb a wall at a riot for taking positions against a major demonstration in Gurgaon, at the Delhi suburbs. AFP PHOTO/Manan VATSYAYANA

    39A mahout sitting in between the elephants, participating in the Onam festivities at a temple in Kochi. REUTERS/Sivaram V

    40A man in Amritsar being transported on a cycle rickshaw while sleeping.

    41A rickshaw puller in Patna, Bihar, waiting for passengers as he sees his reflection on the of the rickshaw. REUTERS/Adnan Abidi

    Image Source: Yahoo News

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      I have postponed for much too long a return visit to India. These photos have reignited my love of that country. Thank you.

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      Amazing Images !!!

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