• IT Career: Lucrative or Not

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    PUBLISHED: July 16, 2013 9:52 am

    A Career in IT Industry is Not as Lucrative as it Sounds


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    The Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that the scope and prospect of the IT industry is growing at a rapid pace. To cope up with this growing trend, the IT professionals are also gearing up, but in the process, they are losing out their happiness and peace of life. In the 21st century, a career in IT is considered really lucrative. Not only does it offer exceptional financial rewards on a gigantic scale, but also it opens up the door to a dream career in abroad. Quite obviously, the current generation is increasingly addicted to a career in this industry. Studies reveal that the unremitting desire for earning in dollars works as an unavoidable lure for the youth to step into this industry.

    However, in reality, a career as an IT professional does not pose a rosy picture as it apparently shows. Life becomes pretty hectic sometimes and needless to say they have to sacrifice, not only their personal life, but also their sleep, family, food and a lot of things. The unfortunate part is that the youth of the present century does not mind to miss out their family life, if a career is offering them a fortune. No wonder, life has become extremely mechanical, bereft of all kinds of human emotions. An IT engineer of the present generation not only fails to find time for himself, but also for his loved ones. The problem becomes even more fatal, when the IT professional is a working woman. For a society, where a woman’s participation in a family is considered crucial, a working woman’s absence from day to day family life is not acceptable. Striking a perfect balance between personal and professional life is not always possible. Consequently, the working person has to put up with burdens of professional as well as personal life.

    In recent times, one of the most terrible problems in the IT industry is the growing disappointment regarding salary. Although the fad of an exciting salary package has become a lure for the young generation, who are willing to sacrifice their family life without giving a second thought to it, a major percentage of the IT workforce are still under the conception that they are being underpaid in spite of having excellent qualification and academic background. This is not only affecting their performances in professional sector, but is also taking toll on their family and personal life. According to the latest report released by Hudson’s regarding IT Salary & Employment, “Over 75 percent of IT workers said that they have been made to work harder in the past year, but have not been financially rewarded for their efforts”.

    However, a major shift has also been recorded in the current workforce according to Hudson’s report. Employees filling IT vacancies are gradually diminishing in numbers. There are many reasons associated with it and getting underpaid is not the only factor. With the passage of time, many individuals within the IT workforce are reflecting on the issues that are likely to crop up following their absence from family. However, the folks considering this way basically belong to the age group of 30s. But the youth, who are just pass outs from college and universities, are still ensnared by its rosy picture and in no way shows any signs of disappointment with the profession that leaves no stones unturned to snatch away their social life.

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