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    PUBLISHED: July 21, 2013 2:04 pm

    Larry’s Introduction to Twitter


    By now you must have encountered a whole lot of variations of the adorable blue bird. Well, the blue “Twitter” bird has got a name too, officially. Though, most came across the name quite a few times before, it wasn’t until recently that the name of the blue bird was declared by someone from Twitter itself. And why shouldn’t it be christened, after all, we all name our pets. Thanks to the tweet by Ryan Sarver, an API and platform manager in Twitter, “Larry the Bird” is finally official. In his tweet he posted a picture of Doug Bowman, Twitter’s creative director, explaining the evolution of the logo of “Larry the Bird”.

    There is quite a bit of confusion about how the name Larry actually came in. Is it from the name Larry Page, co-founder of Google, or is it Larry King? Well the confusion was actually cleared off quite a few years ago, when in 2011 Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, explained it all to the Boston Celtic’s interactive media director, Peter Stringer. The little one derives its name from no other than the Boston Celtic’s legendary basketball player, Larry Bird. The name has been in discussion for quite a few years. When in March, 2011, a competition was held by Twitter to make a better logo of the bird than the then present version; the hastag used was #sketchLarry.


    Image Source: http://www.newsday.com

    Doing a few research will actually bring out surprising facts and the logic behind naming of the bird after Larry Bird becomes even clearer. A simple internet search about Biz Stone brings out marvelous facts, and there onwards joining the dots is all you do. Stone completed his high school education from Wellesley High School, which is located just outside of Boston. Now looking at his birth year, we will find it mentioned to be 1974.

    Larry Bird, the legendary Boston Celtic basketball player, took the team to three consecutive victories In the MPV league between 1984 and 1986; just the perfect time when Stone would be in his prepubescent youth and would be enthralled by all these. No wonder then, he will like to keep the name of the Twitter bird as Larry the Bird.

    Well whatever be the inspiration, the news has created quite a buzz, especially among the “Twitterites”. The response is practically huge and everywhere you look, you will be surrounded by “Larry the Bird”. As major media and marketing professionals have mentioned, the naming of the bird has not only created a special and unique image of the Twitter in the human mind, but also has presented it with an identity. And it is one of the most well known facts, that sports mixed with anything entertaining is going to be a blockbuster. And when you see the Twitter logo being associated with major sports person or events, you can definitely expect quite a hype around it all. So let us all welcome Larry and embrace in our ever growing family. To get amazing facts about Larry and the hilarious behind-the-screen stories about Larry and its inception, you can simply start following.

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    • Larry The New Twitterite
      Larry's Introduction to Twitter By now you must have encountered a whole lot of variations of the adorable blue bird. Well, the blue “Twitter” bird has got a name too, officially. Though, most came across ...
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