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    PUBLISHED: May 6, 2014 5:48 pm

    Property Agent Job Description

    The job profile of a property agents changes as per the job requirements. Usually,  the job of a property agent requires the concerned person to have strong marketing skills since he or she has to make their client’s properties highly saleable to the buyers. While catering to a property buyer,  the agent has to locate the best properties that would fit the buyer’s needs and budget at the same time.

    A realtor must be a prudent person since he has to guide his clients in making the final decision, which has to be the most fitting one for both the buyer and the seller. Being a property agent demands a lot of dedication as the concerned person has to coordinate everything at every step until the deal is closed and the transaction takes place smoothly. Negotiating the prices on their client’s behalf is another important role a realtor plays.


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    They’re actively involved in guiding the buyers and sellers until the transaction ends. Before you hire a property agent for buying or selling property for you, checking his license would be a better idea since a professional agent would know about the intricacies involved in property market deals.  On the other hand a mere salesperson acting as an agent has every chance of creating a bigger mess for their clients as they have very little knowledge about the job profile in general. A professional agent must be a good marketeer as well. They have to promote their client requirements, be it for a buyer or a seller. Advising their clients about specific properties is an intricate part of an agent’s job.

    If you plan to be a professional realtor then you have to be highly innovative and creative about your job. You might think that what’s there to innovate, it’s all about numbers and property details but here you need to understand that you have to make a difference. Why else will property investors come to you? The easier and smooth flowing you make the process and transaction the better it is for your clients, whether a buyer or a seller.

    Being net savvy is an added advantage since more people now approach the various online portals for a vista of requirements. Pamphlets, leaflets or newspaper ads are also good options. But people these days prefer to read news online. So, the chances are that your advertisement might go unnoticed. Organizing open house conferences to show your list of properties to the potential buyers is another good idea. The agent should be able to respond to any kind of queries from the clients regarding the properties.


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    As an agent you must have sufficient analytical and research abilities in terms of finding the right kind of properties for your buyers. Only your track record can instil trust about you in your clients. You must also have the ability to do minimum mathematical calculations to determine the value of your client’s properties to make sure that it qualifies in the property market. Negotiating for your clients is something all property agents must have. Good communication skill is a prime forte for real estate agents. On a usual day he might have to make innumerable calls and take countless clients to show properties.

    You have ample scope of innovation provided you think sensibly. Only having market knowledge and domain knowledge isn’t enough. You have to think differently and provide your clients with the best services by making things easier for them. Knowledge about proper paper work is also important. With complete industry Knowledge,  you can provide the clients with ready and handy information as soon as the later needs it. These are the qualities that come from years of experience and expertise. Adding some new ideas makes property investment a better deal for the buyers and sellers.

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