• Real Estate Investment Facts

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    PUBLISHED: July 29, 2013 7:53 pm

    Why the Property Business is Booming Presently

    With the present day economic conditions changing swiftly with new business ideas taking the front seat, the realms of tourism, construction and real estate are booming and growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, the three fields of tourism, construction and the property markets are interlinked to each other. Progress in one field brings the positive effects in the other fields as well.

    How ever it is important for the investors to be well informed about a particular property before you go ahead with the investment. If you are getting a plot or a property at a price lower than the market prices then you should find out if there is any dispute related to the property.

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    If you are buying a landed property for residential purposes then you should do some research about the locality and the nearby area as well. Investing in an area lacking the usual facilities of life (shops, restaurants, transportation, connectivity to the highway and schools and offices nearby) is definitely a loss on your part, since you have to walk or drive for miles to get to these facilities.

    In fact, according to the present trends, the big shot businessmen in the construction field are building residential complexes that are located in some of the most posh and highly developed areas of the world. This not only add to the builders’ credibility, it also attracts high profile clients who are ready to pay handsomely for a particular residential unit.

    In fact, in the property market the fully furnished residential units are more in demand than the normal units. These fully furnished apartments and condominiums come with all the required facilities attached and fitted so that the buyers don’t have to face any kind of inconvenience once they move in.

    However, in case of commercial properties, the ones who prefer to build small guest houses or B&B Lodges, a semi-finished or under developed building or property would be a better idea since they can purchase the property at a reasonable price and then do the renovation and completion of the building as per their requirements and budget.


    Image Source:  http://www.dailyfinance.com

    The properties located close to shops, restaurants, shopping malls, transportation’s, the tube, schools and business districts are more popular with the investors compared to the properties placed at secluded locations. With the growth of tourism, hospitality segments, and infrastructure, real estate has also seen major developments.

    The popular tourist destinations are attracting countless builders and investors from the hospitality segment interested in starting hotels, resorts, lodges and motels in the tourist locations. In fact, a new trend leading to the demand for properties in and around some of the most visited tourist destinations, is the requirement for weekend homes or holiday homes by people staying in the cities. These people would treat these homes, apartments, condos or villas as a holiday recluse for them to get away from the stiffening life schedules of the cities. For the time they are away, they give out these properties on lease to vacationing groups.

    Judging the surroundings and the environment of the area is another vital factor. If an area has an unhealthy surrounding like dirty roads and slums cropping up at the backside, then more people would think of opting out. Such properties don’t get too many people to invest in them.

    Finally, you must do some homework about your property agent and the builder introducing the land or the property to you. Its your hard earned money, you cannot just waste it on buying the wrong property.

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