• Romantic Photos Under The Night Sky

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    PUBLISHED: July 18, 2013 9:39 pm

    Star-crossed lovers! Couples mark their engagement with time-lapse photographs of the night sky made to look as sparkly as a diamond ring

    Photographers shoot long exposure pictures to capture newly engaged couples against backdrop of twinkling stars
    Robert Paetz and Felicia Wong take subjects into the desert to escape any light pollution from cities

    By Kerry Mcdermott dailymail.co.uk
    PUBLISHED: 09:22 GMT, 21 June 2013 | UPDATED: 09:39 GMT, 21 June 2013

    Starry-eyed couples embrace against a suitably sparkling backdrop in these breathtaking engagement shots.

    California-based wedding photographers Robert Paetz and Felicia Wong use long-exposure photography to sharply capture thousands of stars twinkling in the vast desert skies above their subjects’ heads.

    The husband and wife team take their clients at least 100 miles away from the nearest urban center in order to avoid light pollution and achieve the most awe-inspiring results for newly engaged couples celebrating their impending nuptials.


    Star-crossed lovers: This couple marked their engagement with a stunning picture captured against a night sky studded with thousands of stars.

    Astro Engagement Photography

    Awe-inspiring: This couple appear in silhouette as tiny figures among the outlines of trees beneath a vast inky sky lit up by countless stars

    Dubbed ‘astro wedding photography’, the method sees many couples traveling to remote desert locations with the California-based photographers.

    Paetz and Wong say they keep a ‘hawk-like’ watch on the phases of the moon and the weather forecast in order to achieve the most striking results, according to a report on designtaxi.com.

    Many couples opt for the stark scenery of Death Valley National Park for their romantic engagement pictures, embracing beneath the night time skies blanketed with stars.

    View more of the photographer’s work at www.robertpaetz.com.


    Everybody’s starry-eyed: No engagement ring could steal the limelight from the galaxy of twinkling stars in the skies above this couple.


    Romantic: California-based Robert Paetz and Felicia Wong often take their subjects into the desert to escape light pollution and set up the perfect starry shot.


    The look of love: A blanket of stars in the darkening sky as the sun disappears creates a breathtaking backdrop for this couple’s picture.


    Path to the future: The photographers prefer to set up the romantic shots at least 100 miles from any major urban centre.


    In the business of love: Robert Paetz and Felicia Wong, who specialize in wedding photography, are themselves husband and wife, having fallen in love after meeting while they were both traveling in Tibet in 2007.


    Atmospheric:The couple in this photograph can be just made out in the shadows beneath a vast midnight blue sky illuminated by thousands of stars.


    Beauty of nature: The wild desert scenery is visible in this romantic shot of a newly engaged couple enjoying a view of the stars.


    Inky skies: A happy couple gaze at one another as stars twinkle in the desert skies over their heads


    Embrace: A happy couple recline on a bench amid the stark desert scenery.


    ‘Astro wedding photography’: The beauty of nature sets the scene for Paetz and Wong’s romantic engagement shots.


    Effective: Using long exposure photography allows the pair to sharply capture the thousands of twinkling stars above their subjects’ heads.


    Shooting stars: Another happy couple dressed in their finery and set out for the desert to celebrate their impending nuptials.


    Props: This couple posed leaning against a wooden wagon, while others choose to have no other decoration aside from the stunning desert sky.


    Husband and wife to be: The California-based photographers specialise in wedding and engagement photography.

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    • Romantic Photos Under The Night Sky
      Star-crossed lovers! Couples mark their engagement with time-lapse photographs of the night sky made to look as sparkly as a diamond ringPhotographers shoot long exposure pictures to capture newly engaged couples against backdrop of twinkling ...
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