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    • Cultural Clashes Affecting Economy
      Turkey Caught in Fierce Debates Drunken Britons in a clash with the angry Muslims. The Med resort forming the backdrop of a roaring cultural war. Few British teens staggering down central Marmaris' Bar Street wrote ...
    • Incredible India
      A Splash of Indian Lifestyle An Indian Muslim devotee, who is on a pilgrimage to the shrine of Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti for Urs, performs a stunt during a procession at Ajmer in the ...
    • Life of female soldiers
    • The other side of Angelina Jolie
    • Easter in Philippines
    • Indian Naga Sadhus-Holy Men
      Indian Naga Sadhus are followers and the representatives of Lord Shiva. The distinguishable characteristics of these sadhus include long knotted hair and naked body smeared with ashes.A popular characteristic of Sadhu ritualism is their utilization ...
    • Crazy Japanese Penis Day
      It's Cross-Cultural Lesson Time! Because - as everyone will want to know regarding-"National Penis Day" in Japan ! Yes, only the Ja-PENIS have such a special celebration!
    • The Pope’s Humility
      Pope Francis kisses and washes feet of young offenders at Rome prison after mass inside St Peter's Basilica begins four days of Easter ceremony in spectacular style
    • Life of President
      Mr. Cool   Great..Awesome...isn't?
    • Barack Obama, 1980
      Young Barack Obama
    • Labour Day Celebrations Around The World
    • Hat Festival
      Some Hat Festival from our own England as we all know these fashion from England.