• Trekking High

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    PUBLISHED: June 1, 2013 7:57 am

    It’s Chang Kong Cliff Road Ecstasy

    A gigantic mountain, a treacherous way and history around it, now these are the ingredients that make Chang Kong Cliff Road on Haushan mountain incredible. This road was built 700 years back by a group of monks
      who believed that “immortals” live within this particular mountain. In order to search the “immortals”, the laborious monks built this way. The wooden way is just a foot width wide, and if anyone falls from here, would go down thousands of feet into the valley. Now a days, the navigators use safety gear to finish their walk around this mountain.

    A more than brave navigator walks on the Huashan Mountain’s Chang Kong Cliff Road. The backdrop of nature is almost blocked by heavy mist and a single mistake by the navigator can be lethal for him as death hides down under.

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    Though the way is lethal, but for adventure seekers, the way is really ideal. A girl gets her picture clicked as a proof of his adventure. She is sitting on the age old way made by the monks who were in search of the the hidden “immortals”.

    A man challenges nature and clings from the stony base of the mountain where the wooden way of the monks ends. He stretches his arm in the open air…though with safety measure.

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    The man in red jacket could not resist himself from looking down and think how deep the danger is. Even if he is not ready to go more, he cannot go back, because the way is strictly one way in order to prevent collision.

    By god’s grace, there are safety ropes which provides courage and help to the navigators to accomplish their journey through this perilous way. One false step without safety and they will accomplish the journey; not of the Chang Kong route, but of their lives.

    Huashan Mountain divides northern and southern Shaanxi. It also stands as the border of China. It is one of the great mountains of China which also historical as well as religious significance.

    It took He Yuan Xi forty long years to make this religious path during the Yuan dynasty.

    Tourist walk by the help of iron chains to reach at the end of their journey through Chang Kong route.

    The navigators pass by temples, shrines, pavilions, terraces, carvings, and statues during their religious journey through granite paths and forested margins

    It is like a life time achievement for the visitors to experience sunrise at the peak of Haushan mountain. Despite the use of safety gears accidents keep on happening. Tourists go in long lines to fulfill their dream of climbing the Huashan mountain.

    With their love and attraction for danger, countless tourists take their chances to make it atop the mountain peak. Fatal accidents have continued to make occasional appearences despite the various safety measures that have been taken. Deeper pathways have been introduced and stone steps have been built including the building of wider paths.

    Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

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      Always a pleasure to view your blog. Have a great weekend.

    2. Harrie says:

      Any immortals found?… (would be nice :) )

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    • Trekking High
      It's Chang Kong Cliff Road Ecstasy A gigantic mountain, a treacherous way and history around it, now these are the ingredients that make Chang Kong Cliff Road on Haushan mountain incredible. This road was built 700 ...
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