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    PUBLISHED: July 13, 2013 8:00 pm

    How Much Can You Rely on Search Engine Results?

    The internet oriented generation depending completely on the internet and the various search engines for information of any and every kind. Search Engines provide an index of sites with the ‘web crawlers’ that select web pages randomly for the indexing. Internet has definitely added to people’s comfort, but has increased their dependency on availability of easy information at the same time. The internet search engines have countless advantages and some disadvantages at the same time. The whole thing depends on your usage and dependence on the internet sources and the search engine materials.

    Search Engine


    Search engines make it easy to access information. You just feed the keywords to the search bar and the results will be displayed in seconds. The wide variety of results and answers to your questions make it easier for you to write an informative project, document or assignment.

    The search engines give you a wide range of information for a single search and this helps you collect details from a number of websites. This ensures that you never fall short of information, especially while working on academic projects or office projects. Most of the sites offer accurate and certified information. Mostly the sites giving useful information are search engine optimized in a manner to feature among the top 10 results.

    Most of the widely used search engines have a user friendly layout with just a search bar where you give the keywords and start searching for the best results. Using just the frequently used search terms or keywords, helps you find the relevant information, saving you from typing a whole question or query in the search bar.

    Internet search engines have definitely proved to be a time saver for the library users, since they don’t keep the readers waiting endlessly to get the books of their requirement. Additionally, for updated information, the search engine results offer the best solution.


    A prime disadvantage with the search engines is that they list almost every type of source, making it tough for the audience to determine if a given information is right or wrong.

    A search result at times includes all sorts of information even if it is unsuitable for minor viewership.

    Sometimes the websites containing wrong information, feature among the top 10 search results. This can easily misguide readers.

    Compared to the libraries, the search engine results cannot be specified every time to be accurate and without verifying the information you would rather not use it for projects and assignments especially.

    Despite the various arguments, the importance of search engines has not reduced a bit. A major chunk of the web users would search the internet even for the minutest information like word meanings, spellings, simple information to the more complicated information and details. Usually it is advised that while searching for information from the internet, one should firstly try to compare the information in different sites for confirmation about the credibility of various information. It is always better to refer some books to ensure that the information you furnish are genuine and correct.

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