• Vehicle Hire for School Prom

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    PUBLISHED: July 20, 2013 10:51 am

    Expensive Car Hires to Brag About

    The Teens in the low scale zone of London Borough hire some of the top ranging Bentleys, Lamborghinis and Ferrari’s, to showcase at the prom night in the school. Tower Hamlets’, 16 year olds, rent expensive cars for their prom ceremony or National Record of Achievement (NRA). Paying the real cost of the cars, would exceed the price for a home.


    Walking past the parked cars on a council estate of Tower Hamlets is Aminul Mishu Alam, 16. This is one of the most socio-economically backward areas


    Pointing at the camera is Rezaul Alom, 16, driving with Mahir Magnet Choudhury (L), and Nazmul Islam (2nd R) in the hired Bentley


    A part of London’s growing trend is 16 years old Halima Miah, came for the prom in a Ferrari


    Other school kids watch with rapt attention as 16 year old Ujjol Hussain, goes for the graduation celebration of Swanlea School in a rented Lamborghini


    These students enter the school playground in the Mercedes-Benz, they rented. They candidly admitted that its for showing off and grabbing the spotlight at the prom. Buying these vehicles would cost more than a single bedroom flat in the locality. Foyzur Rahman from Swanlea School was excited about this show off and driving in the area with music playing. He hired an Audi S4 with a friend at £400. Ibrahim Hussain, a previous year pass out said that every NRA means great excitement for kids. He is a part timer at his brother’s car hire agency that gives vehicles on rent for similar occasions. Few people don’t spend so much since their parents don’t earn heftily. But few kids save money and get cars on rent


    Reyaz Rahman, posing in Tower Hamlets’ low profile homes, among the other teens


    Local residents standing at their housing area balcony stare at the Ferrari. In these areas most people are jobless


    A man took snaps of the parked car as he was talking on his mobile phone


    Aisha, talking to Tanvir Shahriyar, standing by his rented Ferrari, at the Rickman Street Estate on the prom day of Morpeth School


    School goers (L-R) Mahir Magnet Choudhury , Nazmul Islam, and Rezaul Alom, standing beside their hired Bentley


    Holding his bike, a police officer gestures towards the classy black Mustang


    Tahmina Ahmed posing upfront a Rolls Royce hired for a ‘supercars’ parade to celebrate school leaving.

    Tower Hamlets houses the biggest Britain based Bangladeshi community. A senior youth activist at the ‘Osmani Trust and community organization’ observed that the prom parties since the last 15 years is a more lavish affair


    Jannat and Wahid chat as they relax in their Maybach limousine


    Showing off his new hair cut, a student admires the white Mercedes-Benz


    Samad Ahmed, yelling to friends leaving the school car park is leaning out from the Maybach limo


    A Morpeth School student brags while driving by few boys on bikes at the parade


    Few onlookers stare enviously at a Maybach passing across Tower Hamlets


    Morpeth School boys cashing up to share the rent. The young students at 16 had chauffeurs (car hire drivers or kids’ relatives)to drive them through the locality. Posing in their evening wears, the kids get their awards and certificates and then head for the night-out


    Morpeth students posing in a group photo between two splendidly expensive cars


    Jumping out a Range Rover is 16 year old Stephan Bolompa, enjoying at the prom with his friends


    Sitting in the opulent car Rayy Miah has the time of his life with his friends


    Other students gazing at a swooping Rolls Royce. For some students affording such cars even for a rent, don’t come very easy. For Stephan Bolompa, asking his mother a portion to book a car was similar cut out a chunk from the family budget. Finally, a friend’s mother, borrowing a free Range Rover Sport, made Stephan’s dream partly come true

    Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

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