• Wardrobe Malfunction

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    PUBLISHED: May 17, 2013 3:42 pm

    Wardrobe Malfunction Embarrassing the Celebs


    Perhaps the duchess of Cambridge was unaware of the England’s spring winds, as she is excited about her upcoming motherhood. She chose an easy dress which gone up by the wind gave the paparazzis an instant opportunity to click the royal wardrobe slip up.

    Katherine Heigl, the leading lady of the film “The ugly truth” perfectly managed the whole situation at an award ceremony, when her dress strap gave away. The movie star simply laughed away the

    There are always gimmicks on starry outfits, but the treacherous dress that Megan Fox wore, crossed the bar and showed off some private parts of the film star, though the star was trying to salvage her modesty.

    Hollywood singer Katy Perry grabbed attention from the media and public as her breast popped out from her dress at an event. Though the actress was totally reluctant to her wardrobe malfunction and the show of private parts.

    Though the dress did not get huge scope to show much of its owner, but Hollywood actress Emma Watson certainly knows how to pop out a little bit to get eye rolling at her.

    Evelyn Sharma did manage to hook attention of people, as she came up showing off her eye popping cleavage. Looks like the cleavage helped her make an exciting appearance.

    Model Irina Shayk, better identified as Christiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, is frequently seen making her celebrity boyfriend feel awkward because of her highly weird dressing sense. Recently the duo were seen at an event where Irina’s busty glimpse made cameras go click click.

    Looks like breasts playing peek-a-boo is an old trend to Jeniffer Lopez. The babe, that’s why chose to step at the upper level and insisted to stick with frequent nip-slip. Even this blingy gown could not resist to provide the actress an acute malfunction.

    Poor Jennifer Lawrence, got up from her sit to accept an award but instantly felt about her wardrobe malfunction. Her gown got ripped apart and maybe turned into a little black dress. What’s say Ms. Lawrence?

    A transparent dress is perfectly fine if the owner carries it in a well manner. But all is never well, at least with Kelly Rowland. The celebrity appeared in a see-through bare all dress but ended up creating wardrobe malfunction as her boobs started showing up from here and there.

    Pop star Miley Cyrus is always in the news. Either its about her boyish haircut or music video heated up with adult quotient. But this time its all about her tit-bit baring dress. Wake up Miley; you are no Hanna Montanna any more, lady.

    We are not sure what inspired singer, song writer Nicole Scherzinger wear this dress. But she surely managed to exhibit her private parts deliberately to grab attention of shutterbugs and they did not think twice to capture the moment.

    Image Source: Yahoo News

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    1. cindy knoke says:

      Oh God!! Why do these people want so much attention?

      • Celebes actually get more of attention when a wardrobe malfunction occurs. Its like a “Blessing in Disguise”. Knowingly or Unknowingly, a wardrobe malfunction actually works in favor of a celebrity.

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