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    PUBLISHED: July 12, 2013 6:06 pm

    Content: The Perfect Recipe to a Great Website

    Content is the heart and soul of a website and the very base of effective internet marketing. Undoubtedly, the SEO experts form the core of digital marketing strategies, but without well planned informative content, any amount of SEO tactics wouldn’t deliver the desired results. Good content is always crisp, easily readable, lucid, informative and most importantly is well presented.


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    Content marketing is done through blogs, articles, Press Releases and Website content.

    Blogs: Small pieces of content where people share information in an informal tone. They blend their experiences to make the information more interesting for the readers. One can share a whole lot of information starting from recipes to home decor ideas and features of brand new mobiles, iPods, iPhone and laptops. Blogs also comprise of guest posts where the writers their experiences with the reader while giving useful information at the same time.

    Articles: These are comparatively formal ways of giving information. In articles people get a better opportunity on filling up the space with useful information, since, they don’t have to show off their literary skills much. Articles are mostly written for submissions in article directories.

    Press Release: These are informative content used for direct publicity of a company on a product or service launch. PRs are used as effective marketing and branding tools online after blogs and articles. PRs give a comprehensive information about the particular company, its past achievements and upcoming features or benefits that the company clients can get.

    What is a good content?

    A good content comes with a simple yet meticulous presentation. It is a lucid content with high readability and information placed in a manner that the readers can easily locate.

    How to create a good content that can attract more readers?

    Before you start writing a content, you must know that the internet readers have very little attention span and if your writing is not good enough, they will snap out of your page in no less than 30 seconds. So use the right words. However, using the right words doesn’t mean difficult words to show off your vocabulary.

    Don’t expect your readers to sit with a dictionary. If they find your writing too tough to understand, they will look for an alternative website for the same information.

    Give specific information in bullets so that your readers find them easily. Most reader look into the internet for some specific information to save the trouble of library work. If your web page is stuffed with a lot of unwanted information, readers wouldn’t waste time in information searching.

    Keep it short and sweet. Don’t stuff your web page with too many long sentences and excess information. Online audiences have no time to read huge content stuffed with keywords. They just want concise forms of the information available in books. So don’t make it longer. Writing compound sentences will surely drive readers away from your website. Short sentences are easy to understand.

    Add some images and video uploads with your content. Images and videos attract more viewers compared to plain text. This brings in more traffic to your website.

    Lastly, your article, blog or PR should unique and must pass the copy-scape. You should modify the source content packaging in a manner that it should look like fresh information. Use the frequently used keywords in right proportion to the word count of the whole content.

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      Content: The Perfect Recipe to a Great Website Content is the heart and soul of a website and the very base of effective internet marketing. Undoubtedly, the SEO experts form the core of digital marketing ...
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